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    Felgo Team


    what is the text of the ProfileView fb connect button?

    Also, for facebook issues this is a nice helper to better understand the errors:

    // debug text elements for debugging fb connection
        Text {
          color: "white"
          width: parent.width
          visible: true
          // position it on the bottom, but slightly up so it doesnt overlap the fps
          anchors.bottom: parent.bottom
          anchors.bottomMargin: 10
          wrapMode: Text.Wrap
          text: "UserId: " + gameNetwork.user.userId + ", Name: " + + ", DeviceId: " + gameNetwork.user.deviceId + "\nFBId: " + gameNetwork.facebookId + ", tokenValid: " + gameNetwork.facebookTokenValid + ", " + (gameNetwork.facebookToken === "" ? "localTokenEmpty" : "localTokenSet") + "\ngrantedFbReadPerm: " + gameNetwork.grantedFacebookReadPermissions + ", grantedFbWritePerm: " + gameNetwork.grantedFacebookWritePermissions + "\ngrantedFbPerm: " + JSON.stringify(gameNetwork.grantedFacebookPermissions) // + ", FBToken: " + gameNetwork.facebookToken      
          font.pixelSize: 7


    You can put it somewhere in your main scene and connect it with the gameNetwork properties. Can you please post the approximate output of this text element when your issue occurs?

    Cheers, Chris



    Hi Chris


    I think the problem comes after integrating game network

    1- Game crash while logging to facebook – if  “<i>autoRetrieveUserIdAfterSessionOpen</i>” is true

    so <i>getGraphRequest</i>(“me”) crash the app when game network is integrated


    2- if you remove this line from facebook item “<i>getGraphRequest</i>(“me”)” application will log normally


    is there a problem with linking game network with facebook!!??

    I can send Sample code if you wish






    Felgo Team


    so you are modifying the Faceook item directly, not with the GameNetwork function connectFacebookUser() and disconnectFacebookUser()?

    What are you doing with the Facebook item in your game?

    And yes, please send the source code.

    Cheers, Chris

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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