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    The facebook plugin seems to have problems with iOS. When the user first accepts to connect to facebook in our game, safari is opened and he is prompted to accept, which is ok so far. If he accepts he is immediatly redirected to the app where he can play (also ok). The problem is now if he wants to share something the app crashes. It seems as if the facebook app was never really accepted, because when opening safari again the site is still open and you can accept again. This redirects you again directly to the game.


    Any suggestions or is this a bug?


    Felgo Team


    could you please let us know which facebook calls you do within your game in which order? Is this problem replicable?

    We just tested the following sequence:

    iOS6 without Facebook account linked in settings and without installed Facebook app (so webview fallback is used):

    // Used fb item
    Facebook {
        id: facebook
        appId: "xxx"
        readPermissions: ["email", "read_friendlists"]
        publishPermissions: ["publish_actions"]
    // Pseudo calls
    facebook.openSession() // Opens Safari, asks for basic read permissions -> OK -> redirect to app
    facebook.getGraphRequest("me/friends") // Opens Safari, asks for read friendlist permission -> OK -> redirect to app -> friend list response OK
    facebook.postGraphRequest("me/feed", { "message" : "My message" }) // Opens Safari, asks for write permissions -> OK -> redirect to app -> user wall post
    facebook.openWallDialog( { "link" : "www.felgo.com", "description" : "This is the description", "name" : "Felgo name!", "caption" : "Felgo caption ..." } ) // Opens wall dialog, posts to wall
    // Like the one above, all following requests are possible without further Safari redirects





    I also have this problem, but on Android. Havent yet tested ios. The error only happnes with facebook.postGraphRequest() but not with facebook.openWallDialog(). I am trying to use the Scores API but my app keeps crashing when I try to post.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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