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    Carlos J Yu

    Hi Felgo Team,

    Good Day!

    I’m using Facebook plugin as my login on my app, it stops working on iOS after I updated to:

    <b>Developer Tools:</b>

      Version: 12.5 (12E262)

      Location: /Applications/Xcode.app


      Xcode: 12.5 (18205)

      Instruments: 12.5 (64544.130)



      14.5: (18E182)

      iOS Simulator:

      14.5: (18E182)

    It works fine on my Android version, I also tried Felgo’s facebook plugin example and the result is the same. Please advise.


    Thank you,


    Felgo Team


    thank you for that report. Can you further describe the issue that you are facing and where it “stops working”? Does the Facebook login dialog appear or does “nothing happen” when calling the login function? Or does the plugin not reflect the logged in state after performing the Facebook login successfully?

    Is there any error message in the log output that may be helpful?

    Any description of the steps to reproduce and what we should be looking out for can help us to investigate this faster.

    Also, did you update your test device to iOS 14.5. or did you update your any of your developer tools on your Mac (or both)? This is not completely clear to me from your message.



    Carlos J Yu

    Hi Alex,

    I just updated my Xcode version to 12.5, sdk version to iOS 14.5 and tried it on different devices with different iOS versions the result is the same.

    I only get session state Session Opening, even though i’ve logged in on Facebook session state does not change and my screen is stuck on Facebook login page without any error message you can check my previous email as your reference.

    Facebook {
            id: fbLogin
            appId: "******"
            readPermissions: [ "public_profile", "email" ]
            publishPermissions: ["publish_actions"]
            onSessionStateChanged: {
                if (sessionState === Facebook.SessionOpened) {
                    console.log("SESSION OPENED")
                else if (sessionState === Facebook.SessionOpening) {
                    console.debug("Session opening...");
                else if (sessionState === Facebook.SessionClosed) {
                    console.debug("Session closed.");
                else if (sessionState === Facebook.SessionFailed) {
                    console.debug("Session failed.");
                else if (sessionState === Facebook.SessionPermissionDenied) {
                    console.debug("User denied requested permissions.");


    Thank you


    Felgo Team


    We gave the plugin another test round on iOS 14.5 and latest Xcode and still could not reproduce the issue. Can you open mobile Safari, navigate to facebook.com and log out the active user? And then giving the login flow in your app another try?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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