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    Hi guys,

    Since installing the latest Felgo update, my tanks game does not work correctly.  I thought perhaps it was an error with my previous installs, so I deleted Felgo and Qt and did a complete clean install.  The problem persists though.

    Felgo appears to work correctly and my game runs.  It correctly places images and particles on the screen. However my entities do not appear on screen.

    I am wondering if this is a problem with texture packer – some of my graphics do not use texture packer and they appear correctly.  However all of the graphics that use texture packer do not appear at all.

    Also I checked the Help on QtCreator – it tells me that I have QtCreator 4.2.0 based on Qt 5.7.1 – not 5.8.  Is this correct?

    My game produces a LOT of error messages when I try to run it now – a sample is shown below.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    0) : error C5145: must write to gl_Position

    QOpenGLShaderProgram::uniformLocation(qt_Matrix): shader program is not linked

    QOpenGLShaderProgram::uniformLocation(qt_Opacity): shader program is not linked

    QOpenGLShaderProgram::uniformLocation(animData): shader program is not linked

    QOpenGLShaderProgram::uniformLocation(animPos): shader program is not linked

    Failed to find shader “:/qt-project.org/items/shaders/sprite.vert”

    Failed to find shader “:/qt-project.org/items/shaders/sprite.frag”

    QOpenGLShader::link: Vertex info


    (0) : error C5145: must write to gl_Position

    shader compilation failed:

    “Vertex info\n———–\n(0) : error C5145: must write to gl_Position\n”

    QOpenGLShader::link: Vertex info


    There is a lot more of this kind of error if you need me to show you…


    Felgo Team


    Thank you Gunther, I’ll wait for a fix then – at least I know it’s not something I’m doing wrong!




    Felgo Team

    Hi Darren!

    I have good news: We had a closer look and implemented a fix for the shader issues. The fix will be part of a small maintenance update (Felgo 2.10.1). We hope to release the update already this week if possible.




    Hi Günther!

    That’s great news – thank you for keeping me informed.  I have been stuck without the texturepacker working because most of my graphics use it.  Although I have taken the opportunity to work on some of my other graphics and develop the title screen for my game.

    I think you also said that Alex was going to contact me about the camera issue.  I haven’t heard from him yet – do you know if this will form part of the update, or maybe a later update?

    Thank you again, I appreciate you letting me know.

    All the best,



    Felgo Team

    Aaaaand here I am! 🙂

    We added a property allowZoomWithFocus to the CameraVPlay component, to enable the pinch gesture when an object is focused. Furthermore we added aliases to the mouseArea and the pinchArea, so you can connect to the signals, e.g. with mouseArea.onClicked.

    These changes will be part of the upcoming update.




    As if by magic!


    Thanks Alex, that’s great – I’ll look forward to trying it out 🙂





    Great news – Tankz is back up and running following your Felgo update today 🙂

    The allowZoomWithFocus worked perfectly first time whilst my tank was being followed by the CameraVPlay component.  I’ll be using the aliases you added soon too.

    I’ve even now managed to get it working on an iPad – after a bit of a nightmare with signing.

    Thanks Alex for all your help – great work!



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