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    Felgo 3.5.0 build bug report, may I ask how to deal with

    Qt Create 4.11.2
    Qt 5.14.2
    Felgo 3.5.0
    Are newly installed, should all the latest version
    OS: win10 64bit Traditional Chinese version, this win10 lot of the various software installed …..

    I found the problem while testing the demo Showcase Felgo,
    Kit – Qt 5.13.2 mingw32bit for win10 desktop

    Makefile qmake generated is unix version, so … Here is the error message fragment
    – error messahe ——————————-
    cp -f C: \ Felgo \ Felgo \ mingw_32 \ lib \ vcruntime140.dll “C: \ Felgo \ Examples \ Felgo \ appdemos \ build-Showcase-Desktop_Qt_5_13_2_MinGW_32_bit-Debug \ debug”
    cp: cpcannot stat ‘C: FelgoFelgomingw_32libvcruntime140.dll’:: No such file or directory
    can not stat ‘C: FelgoFelgomingw_32liblibssl-1_1.dll’: No such file or directory
    cp: can not stat ‘C: FelgoFelgomingw_32liblibcrypto-1_1.dll’: No such file or directory
    mingw32-make [1]: *** [Makefile.Debug: 98: copy_desktop_qt_ssl_windows3] Error 1
    – Makefile fragment ——————————-
    COPY = cp -f
    SED = sed
    COPY_FILE = cp -f
    COPY_DIR = cp -f -R
    DEL_FILE = rm -f
    DEL_DIR = rmdir

    After I tried VMWare installed a new Win10 installation felgo 3.5.0.
    The result is normal, Makefile is generated version of windows copy command, you can normally build


    Felgo Team

    Hi Luke,

    are you using the experimental Linux subsystem on your Windows machine? Or why are you getting UNIX commands on Windows for your Makefile?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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