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    I’ve installed an update today. In qtcreator – about, I see its created with qt 5.14, but compiler bundle is qt 5.13.2

    So i’m just curious – Qt version used in Felgo 3.7.0 is still 5.13.2?




    It’s all very well saying that you are bundling a new version but when??  QT 5.15 has been out for some time with features that many developers want to use and you are still stuck in the stone age with 5.13….not very good or professional releasing 3.7.0 requiring a backward step to 5.13 from 5.14 especially when we are paying for the product…so WHEN will it be brought up to date?????




    Felgo Team

    Hi Julian,

    thank you for your feedback. Let me try to clear things up a bit to avoid confusion or frustration here. First of all, besides the “main” Felgo version provided on our website, we also provide builds based on different versions in the Qt Marketplace. Currently, there are builds available up to Qt 5.14.2. Felgo 3.7.0 built with Qt 5.15.1 is currently in the final stage of release preparations and should be available by next week.

    When it comes to the “main” Felgo version, there are many things to consider, which can lead to the decision of not migrating to it directly, even if we would love to do so ourselves. With new Qt versions, especially .0 releases, some things may break. We do intense testing, and if it is not possible to provide an update without serious regressions for all our existing customer, it is not possible to migrate our main Felgo version to this new Qt version. We still try to provide builds for this Qt version on the Qt Marketplace, but also this can only be done at a point where the core functionality is validated sufficiently.

    We are aware that we’re sitting on 5.13.2 for the main version for quite a while already, longer that we aimed for, but this version still offered the most stable experience overall. Anyway, as said, 5.15.1 is now in the final stages of release on the Qt Marketplace. After that, we plan to also migrate the main Felgo version.



    nks (baumemo)

    Hi Alex,

    hopefully you and your Felgo Team will get a newer QT Version into the main release, soon :).

    Stuff like AAB are very important to get a android release smooth on the road.





    Hi Alex,


    Any news on getting 5.15.x up yet?  there are features in both 5.15 and felgo 3.7 that we want to incorporate.   Plus it would be handy to have a timeline for 5.15.2 support since this will be the medium term baseline until a full featured QT 6 along with compatible Felgo components.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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