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OverviewFelgo 3 Support (Qt 5) › Felgo 3.8 installs Qt5.14.2, not Qt5.15.2

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    Hi guys,

    Updated Felgo to 3.8 after seeing it supposedly supports Qt 5.15.2 now.

    However, the system information indicates 5.14.2 (I had 5.13.2 before on the last Felgo version)

    So it seems I don’t get access to the new QML features in 5.15??

    Below is the Qt system information after updating Felgo:

    Qt 5.14.2 (i386-little_endian-ilp32 shared (dynamic) release build; by MSVC 2017) on "windows" 
    OS: Windows 10 Version 2004 [winnt version 10.0.19041]
    Architecture: x86_64; features: SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 SSE4.1 SSE4.2 AVX
    Features: QT_NO_EXCEPTIONS
    Library info:
      PrefixPath: C:\Felgo\3.8\Tools\QtCreator\bin

    I will now try installing the 5.15.2 from Qt and use the marketplace and see if Felgo works through that (usually I’ve just installed Qt separately)



    12 hours later, finally, somehow, got there.

    Issue seems to be with your Felgo installer.

    Installing through Qt Marketplace got me there in the end.

    However, Felgo Live and the Getting Started plugins do not work with Qt Creator 4.14.1

    I can live with that as I’m not doing mobile development right now.

    Could you confirm whether this could be resolved for Qt 5.15.2?

    I am unlikely to port to Qt6 any time soon at all, especially if Felgo doesn’t support Qt 6 just yet.



    Hi Lucas,

    thanks for reaching out to us. I can confirm that Felgo 3.8.0 comes with Qt 5.15.2. How are you checking the version you’re running?


    In Felgo 3.8.0 the version of QtCreator that we bundle is built upon 5.14.2 (which is what you see from About -> QtCreator), but if you run qmake -v it correctly prints 5.15.2.


    If you’re still having missing components error I’m feeling it’s looking into another Qt install. Have you tried a clean install of the Felgo SDK from the online installer?



    “In Felgo 3.8.0 the version of QtCreator that we bundle is built upon 5.14.2 (which is what you see from About -> QtCreator), but if you run qmake -v it correctly prints 5.15.2.”


    Sure enough the Kit says 5.15.2, but if I try some example code like:

    component LabeledImage: Column {

    I get an M16 error.

    When I installed Qt 5.15.2 through the Qt online installer and then added Felgo through the Marketplace, I didn’t get this error message.

    So my conclusion was it was an issue with your online installer (but I’m not sure if all the repos are the same or not)


    Felgo Team

    Hi Lucas,

    the issue here is, that the version of Qt Creator that we currently bundle with the main installation from our website, is not aware of this new Qt 5.15 inline component syntax. So the error you see is basically just because the editor auto-completion cannot understand this syntax. Your app should however compile and run just fine.

    Until we bundle a newer Qt Creator version with the main Felgo installation, pelase just ignore this error in the editor or use a version from the Qt Marketplace.





    Thanks. I trusted the creator obviously so I’ve resolved the issue with the Qt Marketplace version.

    If I wanted to port the Creator version over to the Felgo installation, am I fine just copying the .exe or does it have other dependencies?



    Hi Lucas,

    I’m afraid that’s not guaranteed to work. It’s best to wait for us to update the QtCreator version or keep using the Marketplace one.



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