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    Felgo Team

    We are very pleased to officially announce BlackBerry 10 support for Felgo Game Engine:

    Felgo Announces Support for BlackBerry 10

    Vienna, AT, on 14 August 2013: The creators of Felgo, Vienna-based V-Play GmbH, have today announced that their latest update will bring much-anticipated support for the BlackBerry® 10 platform. Felgo has already been revolutionizing cross-platform mobile game development and all of this will now be available for BlackBerry 10 developers.

    “Since we launched back in February this year, we’ve received so many requests from our community asking about support for BlackBerry 10,” said Alex Leutgöb, CEO and Co-founder of Felgo. “We’re delighted to announce our support for this emerging platform, making developing games for BlackBerry 10 easier than ever before.”

    Exciting New Possibilities for a Powerful Gaming Platform

    Felgo is specialized for creating cross-platform casual mobile games and is built on top of the Qt framework; a technology already supported in BlackBerry 10-powered smartphones. The benefits for BlackBerry 10 developers are huge. They can use already familiar tools, programming concepts and even reuse existing source code games and apps created with Felgo.

    Thanks to Felgo’s resolution and aspect ratio-independent development approach, games look exactly the same during development on desktops as they do once they’re published on any mobile device – now including the BlackBerry® Z10, BlackBerry® Q10 and BlackBerry® Q5 smartphones. Black borders on your screen or distorted graphics will be a thing of the past.

    “We’ve already seen from the BlackBerry PlayBook that BlackBerry is a powerful gaming platform,” said Christian Feldbacher, CEO and Co-founder at Felgo. “With the launch of our upcoming Felgo Game Network, BlackBerry 10 customers will also finally have the chance to prove their game skills in challenges against users from other platforms.”

    “The BlackBerry 10 platform continues to bring many exciting opportunities to game developers,” said Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations and Ecosystems at BlackBerry. “Felgo is an excellent option for developers looking to bring their casual mobile games to BlackBerry 10 and we are thrilled to have them on board.”

    Felgo Update Brings Huge Benefits for Developers

    In addition to the aforementioned Game Network, Felgo already allows integration with social networks and gaming services, which gives developers a valuable opportunity to monetize their games in the respective app stores.

    The latest 1.4.0 update also brings a whole host of benefits for current Felgo developers. They can now easily bring their already published games from other platforms over to the BlackBerry® World™ storefront and start reaching even more customers – without any added cost. This will give a huge boost to BlackBerry 10 by bringing more high-quality games and allowing developers to be first-to-market for specific game genres.

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    I’am so happy about this!

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