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    Hi , would like to request if this is possible to provide instruction to compile Felgo from source and where to find it if available .

    or if not possible if someone can compile Felgo 3 for Qt 5.12.8 version since Ubports(Ubuntu-touch) focal version uses Qt 5.12.8

    the one from the github repo is outdated and not supported , https://github.com/FelgoSDK/ut-felgoproject

    seems that the owner of that repo compiled the felgo for 5.9.5 version for Ubport xenial .


    Felgo Team


    Felgo is a closed-source SDK, so unfortunately you can not build Felgo libraries yourself. The GitHub project with the Ubuntu Touch demo was a first experiment to run Felgo on UT a few years back, but it was not maintained in the last years. There was little demand for Ubuntu Touch and it is currently not an officially supported Felgo platform.

    We can offer to have a look at providing Felgo for Ubuntu Touch as part of our Enterprise Support and Development Services.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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