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OverviewFelgo Installation › V-play installation issue with Qt Android 5.7

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    Felgo User


    I found issues with v-play installation in exiting Qt android, I just followed below step to update it(Qt Android 5.7 and Qt creator 4.0.2)

    • Select “Maintenance tool” than “Add or remove component” and clicked on “setting”
    • Select “Repository” and use this “https://sdk.felgo.com/2/windows” to update.
    • After this found below problem.
    1. Could not resolve dependency ‘Core(3.6.0)’
    2. Could not resolve dependency ‘ProjectExplorer(3.6.0)’
    3. Could not resolve dependency ‘Help(3.6.0)’

    Please do needful and revert ASAP….




    Unfortunately, we do not support Qt Creator 4.0 and Qt 5.7 yet.

    Support for both is on the roadmap for one of the next updates.

    In the meantime, please use Felgo with Qt 5.6 and QtCreator 3.6.1

    Note: If you set up the kits correctly, you should be able to use QtCreator 4.0 with Felgo, but offline documentation and our Qt Creator plugin will not work.

    All the best,



    Felgo User


    Let me install Qt android 5.6, until could you provide a running Facebook login example on Android OS…


    Felgo Team


    Just wanted to let you know that Felgo supports Qt 5.7 and Qt Creator 4 since the update to version 2.9.0.


    Alex from Felgo



    I just installed V-play using the exact method above on Windows and I get the same error on startup with the following differences using Qt Creator 4.1.0 with Qt 5.7:

    1. Could not resolve dependency ‘Core(4.0.3)’
    2. Could not resolve dependency ‘ProjectExplorer(4.0.3)’
    3. Could not resolve dependency ‘Help(4.0.3)’

    Is this an issue with V-ray support for Qt Ceator 4.1.x or is there another bug? Thanks


    Felgo Team

    Hi Steve!

    Yes, Felgo uses a custom Qt Creator Plugin, that is only compatible with the specific Qt Creator version we provide with our installers (Qt Creator 4.0.3 at the moment). You see these errors because the plugin does not work with Qt Creator 4.1.0.




    Thanks Günther,

    Eagerly waiting for the updated plugin.





    hello regarding this issues I have 2 question… first one, the obvious and the bothering for you, is there any date of when the plugin is going to work with qt creator 4.1, and the second one, am I going to have any issue if I work with the versión 4.1???


    Felgo Team

    Hi Lucas!

    What I can say for sure is that the next Felgo update (probably next week) will still come with Qt Creator 4.0.3.
    When we will change to Qt Creator 4.1 for our plugin and installers is not fixed yet, but of course we will switch to the newer version some time in the future.

    The projects you are developing should also work normally with Qt Creator 4.1. The only issue when using Qt Creator 4.1 is that our plugin wont work and the annoying error message at startup concerning the plugin. Without the plugin, some features in Qt Creator are then not available or will be buggy, for example the Felgo update feature, where Qt Creator notifies you when a new Felgo update is available.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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