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    I uninstall Felgo. I update my mac os sierra, update android studio, update Xcode. I download new Felgo and install. I get 633 issues and 3 error. Any help please?


    Error 1:

    LaunchImage.launchimage/[iphone][736h][3x][portrait][full-screen][8.0]:-1: error: notice: This launch image only applies to iOS 6.x and prior but the minimum deployment is 7.0 or later.


    Error 2:

    error: Deployment failed. The settings in the Devices window of Xcode might be incorrect.


    Felgo Team


    Can you also open up XCode once to see whether there are additional components to be installed, or e.g. a license agreement to be accepted?
    This is sometimes required for new XCode versions.

    There was also a change with latest XCode in the way that Launch Images have to be set up for your project. You can have a look at the new project wizards or example see how to set up your iOS subfolder and plist configuration.

    In particular, it is now required to use the asset catalog: You can find more information in or update guide (search for asset catalog):




    Hi Günther,

    I update my Xcode as well. I open xCode and choose tab base project and it did worked.

    What additional components should I have to install?


    Kind Regards



    //  AppDelegate.swift

    //  NTMS


    //  Created by Niyazi Toros on 08/12/2017.

    //  Copyright © 2017 Niyazi Toros. All rights reserved.



    Felgo Team


    If you can build correctly with XCode you should have everything you need. Can you try to:

    • Create a new, empty Felgo Project in Qt Creator
    • Select the iOS Kit
    • Right-click on your project in the Project Wizard and select “Run qmake”
    • You can now navigate to your build directory and open the created *.xcodeproject with XCode
    • Can you build the application this way?

    In case this works, but you can’t build directly from Qt Creator:

    • Which error do you see in the Build Output when directly building from Qt Creator?
    • Does the Kit Configuration in the Qt Creator preferences show any warnings or errors that might indicate an issue?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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