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    Can Felgo Game Engine make use of Qt Widgets?

    On the other side, can we incorporate V-play inside a C++ Qt project?


    I have a project that I would like to use Felgo and/or Qt C++ for.

    In this project, I need to get date and time input from the user.  Therefore the date time widget of C++ Qt project would be very useful for me.

    However, with my superficial understanding of V-play, I think V-play does not provide any date time input widget, does it???


    In this project I need to take a date and time input from the user.  ideally, it can take dates from year -3000 to 3000.

    I would also need to access the GPS details from the device.

    Is this beyond what V-play can do?

    Should I use Qt C++ for this project instead of V-play?


    Thank you



    I wish someone answer this.



    they prob will on monday


    Felgo Team


    good news about app development and mixing with C++ functionality and QWidgets is, that with the upcoming Felgo version 2.0 you will we able to use the full Qt5 functionality which makes app development very easy.

    The QML API of Felgo will stay the same with this update and we will raise the price for the Felgo licenses with it, so it still is a good time to invest in annual licenses now, or if you already have a license you get the updates for free. This major update will be available in the next weeks – keep an eye on the blog and our Twitter and Facebook channel where we will share more details about this soon.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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