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    I downloaded Felgo from the Qt marketplace and everything works fine. However, Felgo-Live is failing to start because “module QtQuick.Shapes is not installed.”

    When I run the app normally it works fine. It’s just when I use Felgo-Live that the error occurs.

    Can someone help?


    Felgo Team


    Thank you for your reply and YUP like magic it works on the live server!

    That being said, I’m also using the Felgo DevApp on my phone (Pixel 5). And on the phone the same error occurs.

    I’m just going to use the live server but now am sceptical on whether the module will work on the phone once I finish and launch the application.

    My guess is, yes it will. But will it??


    Scott Izi


    Felgo Team

    Hi Scott,

    so you did use the Live Client Module to build an own Live Client on Desktop now? The very same also works on any other platform, so you can also deploy your own Live Client to your mobile phone.

    For your better understanding: The Live Client itself is a Felgo application, that links a lot of standard Qt modules by default already, so you can just use it right away in your project. Your project (QML, JS, assets) is transferred from the Live Server to the Live Client and executed by the QML runtime. If you use a module that is not linked by default, or any custom C++ code (or native), which requires and actual compilation step, this will not be known to the Live Client. With the Live Client Module, you can compile your own project with all the modules, C++ and dependencies and additionally add the capabilities of connecting to the Live Server and Hot Reloading to your own project during development. Essentially, build your own Live Client that includes all your project specific stuff that the default Live Client does not include.

    Hope that clears things up.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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