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    Hi All!


    My first post, I have tried to solve this myself as I probably just have misunderstood something.

    I really like the IDE and the live server with the automatic push refresh.

    But for some reason, my Felgo Live Server seems to use some old cache regarding the qml reference or I am doing something really wrong.

    See printscreen at the bottom for clarification.

    If I change the name of a qml file and rename the declaration, the IDE will run it just fine but the Live server gives mismatch error.

    If I change back the name of the declaration but still keep the new name of the file, Live server will work but the IDE will give mismatch error(as it should).

    What I have tried to do to solve it:

    Deleted project build folder, clean project, run qmake, rebuild.

    deleted content in folder qmlcache under AppData-> QtCreator/Felgo Live Server/Felgo live client.

    restarted the Qt creator and Live Server/client.


    Still same error.


    The only solution I found this far, to get both IDE run and live server to work is to re-name back to “Datamodel” the first name.

    What am I doing wrong when re-naming the qml file?


    Printscreens for clarification:

    print 1

    print 2


    Thanks in advance! 🙂





    Felgo Live server read from C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\%CACHED_PROJECT%

    For some reason, it didn’t update it with the new changes. Everything works perfectly after I deleted it 🙂


    ps; is it anyway I can change the title of the post? Want to mark it as solved so no one needs to waste their time with it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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