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    I recently downloaded the Felgo live server and the mobile app to use the qml live reload functionality. It runs properly on the desktop, the live server works and I can live reload the qml view to see changes in my application. I am working on a mobile application with Qt Android so I tried using this app to see my changes on my phone rather than compiling, building, and uploading the app to my phone via Qt Creator each time. I tried connecting to the live server via the mobile application but it doesn’t work. I entered the server ID and the direct server ID multiple times on my phone and nothing happened it just says connecting and nothing shows up on the desktop live server and then says failed to connect. Both the mobile phone and desktop are on the same network.

    Furthermore, the vscode extension doesn’t seem to work at all. The web live preview for qml through the extension doesn’t work it gets stuck at compiling and doesn’t show anything and the live mobile preview through the extension asks for the dev ID from the mobile application but doesn’t do anything when I enter the id. All of these processes just don’t work and don’t show any errors so I don’t even know where the problem comes from.


    Felgo Team


    can you try to:
    – Make sure to close mobile device tabs in the Felgo Live Server that may exist from a previous connection attempt
    – Close/reopen both the Live Server and Mobile app
    – Go to the live server settings and use the 12 character ID instead of the 8 character ID from the main Live Server screen (this avoids the connection handshake for the Liv Server port, this could help in case this part has issues in your setup)
    – In case you see your request/device in the Live Server, but then get a “failed to connect”, try to wait a few seconds more before closing the failure message on the mobile app (if network connection is slow the preview might still show up)

    Let me know if this helps!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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