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    I have used V-play plugins with Qt5 QML application and all works good, but i want somehow to have opportunity user to disable receiving notification on his mobile when he install my application, i have try with Parse property:

    enabled : bool

    to be false, but user still received notifications…

    So please can you give advice how i can make receiving of notification on mobile device where my app is installed to be configurable, i.e. user to have option to turn On or Off receiving notifications.

    Thanks in advance


    Felgo Team


    That’s actually the correct way, setting enabled to false unsubscribes all channels for a user. You can verify that in the Parse console.

    To further investigate that issue, can you please send us an email to referencing your order number or secondary user account (I can’t find any reference for that user account) and providing some details about the platform you’re building on, so that we can solve that issue?

    Many thanks,




    Hi Alex,


    Here is details that i used/have:

    1. Free License for putting notifications.

    2. Vplay Plugins version 1.0.

    3. Qt version 5.5.1 and Qt Creator 3.5.1 (opensource

    4. Operating system – Linux Mint 64 bit

    5.  Mobile phone with Android operating system version 5.1.1


    It also doesn’t work on other Android devices, with Android version 4.4


    Thanks in advance


    Felgo Team

    Hi Time,

    Thanks for the additional information! There are two mismatches here: Parse plugin is version 1.1 and we do not have a free notification plugin as of now. To be able to help you with the issue, could you please send an email to (referencing that thread) as already mentioned above?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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