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    When I build an ios version with cloud builds I get: “VPlay.plugins.onesignal” disabled: Native frameworks not found

    But when I tried to build it locally on a Mac – It works. (I got a macbook for one day)

    OneSignal.framework in ios folder is exist.

    Maybe there are some additional configurations needed to enable it?


    Felgo Team

    Hi Dmitry,

    are the plugins added to the root level of your *.pro file or inside an “ios { … }” directive?




    I have

    FELGO_PLUGINS += onesignal

    in root of my .pro file

    Also I see:

    Enabled Felgo Plugins: onesignal

    in log of cloud build

    And I also can see an ios/OneSignal.framework in my git repo


    Forgot to say:

    First local build also had “Native frameworks not found” problem

    So I`ve copied framework files from plugindemo archive again, and maybe clicked somewhere in XCode 🙂

    After that, onesignal plugin started to work

    But only once 🙁

    On Android its OK all the time.



    Yesterday I tried to add “LIBS+= -framework OneSignal” and “LIBS+= -Fios/OneSignal.framework” as it stated in Qt docs..

    And it seems nothing changed.

    Any ideas?


    Can I somehow get extended log from cloud builds? After some updates the log became quite small…


    Felgo Team


    please send an Email with the link to the build in Cloud Builds to support@felgo.com so we can have a closer look what might be wrong there. Please also add the link to this forum thread there.




    I’m having a problem with OneSignal on iOS.
    When i run my project on iPhone 6 or Simulator the debug shows this error:

    warning plugin: “VPlay.plugins.onesignal” disabled: Native frameworks not found.
    The same project, in Android works fine and I receive push notifications correctly.

    I’m using Xcode 12.5 – Qt5.15 – Felgo 3.8.0 – macOS Big Sur 11.2.3

    Ps. I’m using Evaluation License


    Felgo Team

    Patrik Dusek

    Hi Team,

    I’m running also in plugins.onesignal disabled. But in my case its not in the cloud build its local.

    I followed all steps closely. I added the

    FELGO_PLUGINS += onesignal

    I created the ios folder with the OneSignal.framework folder. The OneSignal framework is visible in XCode under the frameworks.

    I added the pushnotification in XCode.

    I have an older project with an nearly identical pro file where the pushs are working and no log warning is displayed.

    Is there a way to find out why this native framework is not found?




    Patrik Dusek

    Found it. I copied the OneSignal folder from my old project and for some strange reason the files were only symbolic links to my old project.

    And with those symbolic links it did not work. No idea why finder made symbolic links instead of copy.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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