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    Felgo Team

    we are currently pushing to our limits to improve Felgo further, and thus we plan to integrate more features to it.

    Because we are building the features for YOU, we would love to hear your comments and suggestions about our current roadmap. We really encourage you to bring up new feature requests and vote on the ones mentioned here, because the higher they are prioritized by you, the sooner we will implement them!

    To structure things a little bit, I’ll prioritize the features based on our previous user conversations. So the higher an item is on the top, the sooner we integrate it.

    Priority 1 – Most important:

    • Extend documentaion with more tutorials & videos
    • Game Center for iOS, OpenFeint/Gree for iOS&Android
    • Apple iTunes and Google Play Store support for in-app-purchases
    • Public native plugin system for custom native extensions
    • Inneractive for ads
    • WebView for iOS & Android
    • Local notifications for iOS & Android
    • Accelerometer support
    • Flurry for analytics
    • Facebook integration
    • On-device and on desktop visual balancing support during runtime

    Priority 2 – Important:

    • Further 3rd party tool support for Physics Editor, Sprite Helper & Level Helper
    • Enhanced logging system
    • Push notifications
    • On-device debugging

    So, now it’s up to you to vote for your most demanded features. Let us know in the comments how you would order the list, or where your features would sit in.


    Felgo Team

    Hi again,
    after 6 beta updates we are happy and proud we could add these features into the release version from our previous roadmap:

    • GameCenter for iOS
    • WebView for iOS & Android
    • Flurry for Analytics
    • Facebook integration

    These features were requested by our users and could be integrated into Felgo as well:

    • Linux support
    • Symbian & MeeGo support
    • Native message boxes and input dialogs across all platforms
    • Entity Pooling
    • Box2D additions: PolygonCollider, RopeJoint, WeldJoint
    • Step-by-step Tutorial how to make a game like Pong

    So after these accomplishments, we now have re-prioritized the remaining features and partly added new ones. Again, the higher the item is on the top, the more important it is.

    Priority 1 – Most Important:

    • More tutorials and documentation
    • Level Editor, also for players in-game
    • Allow QML file loading from remote source for fastest deployment & testing
    • In-App-Purchases for iOS & Android

    Priority 2 – Important:

    • Native Plugin system
    • Ad network support
    • Accelerometer support
    • Video playback

    Again, please let us know which features you demand most and we will integrate them into Felgo.



    Support for .tmx maps would be great.We could use level editors that we are used when whe make maps for our games.


    Felgo Team

    Thank you for your request, we are currently hard at work adding our priority 1 features, but will have a look at alternative image/sprite formats in the next future too. Which level editors are you actually using?




    I’m a beginner,I’ve just started to make my first complex game so making a level in QML would seem some hard work so I found this editor made with qt [url=”http://www.mapeditor.org/”]Tile Map Editor[/url].But I’ll try to find a way to used in QML,if I do I’ll post it on the forum.



    I would like destructable ground with pixelperfect collision detection (i.e. like Worms).


    Felgo Team

    Thanks Guybrush! As we had a conversation via email before, this really sounds like a great feature! Are there developers out there that would also like to have this available?



    I would also like a small GPS-location API to use all the facilities of a mobile device. At the moment this is the feature with the highest priority for my use case. So if there are some other guys out there, that would kile this feature too, please vote for it!!! 😉



    Hi Christian,


    All in all, the roadmap makes sense. On the features page of the web site, there is mention of Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry support. Is this still on the roadmap? I realize this is no small feature. But there are not a lot of games right now on Windows Phone 8. This represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for game developers. If we leave BlackBerry out and concentrate on Windows Phone 8 first, is there a way we can fit that on the roadmap?






    Felgo Team

    Hi Francois,

    yes BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8 support is on the roadmap, but we cannot provide an ETA yet. Internally, we have prioritized BlackBerry higher, because it uses the same technology (Qt) under the hood which makes it a perfect fit technology-wise and there are not many native apps for BlackBerry World out there yet. With Felgo, your app will run with native performance and without any black borders.

    On the other hand, Windows Phone 8 requires core functionality to be provided by Digia. We are following the process of that closely, and as soon as Qt gets avaialable on WP8 we will add Felgo support for it as soon as possible!

    Cheers, Chris



    Hi Christian,


    This is ok!


    Keep up the good work!





    Great job with the frameworK guys!

    Are you planning to support OUYA as well being it Android based?



    Felgo Team

    Hi gianmichele,

    yes OUYA support is on our list too. We do not have a device yet, but it should not take too long to support it as it is Android based as you said..

    Cheers, Chris



    I’d like to upvote the “enhanced logging system”. Does not have to be very sophisticated but should provide different log levels so the console doesn’t get too cluttered. In particular, one should be able to reduce the amount of internal Felgo log messages.

    Moreover, I’d appreciate a native plugin system. What’s your current time line for this? A typical use case for me would be graphical elements which are not sprites. Maybe you can provide a component which somehow enables access to its canvas for drawing?

    You once had “visual balancing support during runtime” on your roadmap. Does sound interesting and important. What was the idea exactly and why was it removed?

    Looking forward to the level editor enhancements. Would be great if you could also provide a tutorial which shows the main features such as storing and loading of levels on a public web server.

    Keep up the good work.

    Cheers, Martin


    Felgo Team

    Hi Martin,

    I totall agree with you regarding the logging system – it is still on our list and we try to add it as soon as possible! However, we have some pretty cool stuff in the works currently, we think will value you more than enhanced logging. Here is an expected timeline for our planned features:


    • level editor with support for shared user levels of your gamers and runtime changing of properties for balancing and level creation
    • cross-platform service for leaderboards, achievements, challenges and web backend service
    • in-app-purchase support for iOS & Android


    • native plugin system
    • remote loading
    • enhanced logging system

    You can expect the announcement for the level editor and runtime-changing support in-game next week in a blog post 😉

    Regarding your question about canvas and drawing: what exactly would you like to achieve? Some components for drawing lines, circles, etc.? Which graphics shapes would you like to access?

    Cheers, Chris

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