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    Felgo Team


    Since I started to develop the Apps for both Sailfish and Blackberry, a proven game engine is a supper help for me. Looking forward to the announcements.



    Thank you,

    localisation is working now!



    Hey, this is a feature request we once discussed in Berlin (with Chris and Alex): It would be helpful to provide a fps property in GameWindow so one can dynamically reduce the complexity of the scene (particles etc.) when observing that the frame rate is low over a longer period of time, i.e. the handset’s hardware is not sufficiently capable and vice versa increase complexity on fast hardware.

    Btw, the LineItem and PolygonItem are great additions and somewhat go into the direction I mentioned in #4772 regarding the accessibility of the canvas.

    Cheers, Martin


    Felgo Team

    Hi Martin,

    thanks for your request! At the moment, the best option would be to use the screen size and the platform as a performance indicator. For example Symbian phones tend to have a poor performance, as do Android devices with lower resolutions than 800px as their bigger size. We will have a look at the fps property though, but it is not that easy as it would need to be averaged over a reasonable time frame for a balance between performance overhead and usefulness of the fps property.

    Cheers, Chris



    Hi Chris,

    thanks for the answer, but why not leave the averaging and reasonable “interpretation” to the game developers? I think it would suffice to just make available the fps which is displayed (when enabled in GameWindow).

    Cheers, Martin


    Felgo Team

    Yes you’re right! However, as this information is updated per frame, calculations based on it in JS are performance-sensitive. However, we will add it to one of the upcoming daily builds, thanks for the input!

    Cheers, Chris




    I notice that now there is quarterly package available but is it possible to have a weekly package?.Quarterly package is still quite expensive cause it only benefit full time developers but what about recreational developers.Most recreational only code during free time and if we purchase quarterly package it would be waste.With weekly package,we can purchase the weekly package for that week then only purchase we feel want to code again.This way you could also get more customer.I believe most of your customer is full time developers only.Hope you can consider.



    [feature request/suggestion] Support for synchronous multiplayer games would be great. Referring to this thread, network/bluetooth communication could be made accessible with the introduction of native plugins in some upcoming release. In that case, it would be nice if you could consider a tutorial about how to integrate e.g. google play game services (which I think should be supported by Felgo via a plugin in any case).

    Cheers, Martin





    I can only blame myself, i spent 3 days working on a game-like app and once i got to the point of using actual images from our API server i foud out that http images cannot be used. Is there any workarounds? I need to load cover art from our image server, there is not way to pre-load all of them. And i dont see it on the roadmap anymore, this used to work very well in the old QML engine.



    Felgo Team

    Hi vseryakov,

    we were working on a component to download any packages from a zipped file if the 50MB limit for the app stores is too limiting for your games. We are releasing it with the next daily build update – would that be sufficient for your use-case?

    Cheers, Chris





    It will be useful but it will not cover al cases, specifically i have thousands and thousands icons and i dont know which one i am going to show, it all depends on the user playing. So, plain download manager for http:// urls as icon source would cover everything. What is the reason it is removed in your version of SDK? It used to work very reliably when i was building QML app using Qt 4.8.

    Another workaround would be to feed binary data to Image somehow which i could get using xmlHttpRequest but in any case i am stuck.



    Felgo Team

    We will also provide a component to download single files, so you do not need to pack the images into a zip file.

    The reason we need a separate component, is because we have a custom renderer, which allows us to get a much better performance than Qt4 on iOS & Android and also a better one that Qt5.

    Cheers, Chris



    Just throwing this out here, so that you can take a look and consider. Sailfish OS is an upcoming operating system developed by Jolla with the community. Jolla will be bringing the first Sailfish-based device into market this year. Technically it runs Qt5/Wayland based stack. Look for more: and


    Felgo Team

    Hi jukka, we are following Sailfish OS as we are great fans of Qt, the underlying power of Felgo. We currently are based on Qt4 with a custom renderer based on Cocos2d-x, but are investigating performance of Qt5 on iOS & Android. If it meets our performance requirements a change to Qt5 will be done and then Sailfish will be a great candidate to support. Thanks for your request, and as with every feature request, the more devs out there asking for it the higher we prioritize it. 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 127 total)

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