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    Hi there, I’m preparing to build my app with FelgoCloud for iOs…
    Somewhere in the Felgo website we can read:
    “Benefits of Using Cloud Builds: Deploy to iOS without the need for a Mac”
    But if I understood well all the process to build with FelgoCloud, we still need a Mac to create the required certificates .p12 etc.!!!
    Am I right or did I miss something? :lunettes_de_soleil:


    Felgo Team

    Hi Jean-Marc,

    in order to create a .p12 certificate, you can either use a Mac or you can also do it with OpenSSL from Windows or Linux (e.g. like that). All other required files can simply be downloaded from your apple developer portal.

    So technically you indeed missed that, although using a Mac to generate the p12 is a bit easier, so you are kind of right at the same time. But apart from this step, where a Mac makes it a bit easier, there is no need for a Mac at any of the deployment or publishing steps for iOS.

    I hope that clears up your question.




    Hi Alex,
    What a relief!!! I’m not very fan of the Apple and I hate to go to the Mac just for things like that…

    Thank you for you quick answer and congrats about the excellent work about the FelgoCloud!

    I’m gonna try with the link you provided…



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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