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    Hey guys,

    The app i’m currently working on is aimed primarily at android/iOS devices, but I would like it to support desktop also for those without access to smartphones.

    Will Vplay support firebase on desktop in the future, or is there a workaround I could use for this?




    Felgo Team

    Hi Edward,

    our main focus for Felgo Plugins lies on the mobile platforms – though in case of Firebase, we agree that a Desktop integration would be a cool addition. We do not have Firebase for Desktop planned in the near future though. A possible workaround would be to add the logic for working with the Web APIs of Firebase in addition to your existing Firebase Plugin code (to create a desktop fallback).

    To execute different code on Desktop, you can check the system.desktopPlatform context property:

    if (system.desktopPlatform) {
      // desktop ... use custom firebase code with Web APIs
    else {
     // mobiles ... use Felgo Plugins


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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