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    Sigmunde Mayitoukou

    Hello,I am Sigmund and i am working on a project and i need to make a request to pull out informations from one specific user, i made the request but it’s not working, i don’t don’t what i am doing wrong. This is the code i made to retrieve the name from the database.

    Where firebaseDb is the id of the FirebaseDatabase element, and i also privided the confi, either the projecId, databaseUrl,apiKey, and the applicationId for it.

    Thanks in advance! , this how my database looks like.

    firebaseDb.getUserValue("name",function(success, key, value){
    if(success) {
    console.log("Success: object retrieve", value)
    }else {
    console.log("DB write error:")

    My database looks like this
    “users”: {
    “userId”: {
    “expdate”: “xxxx”
    “name”: “cccc”
    “username”: “dddd”


    The userId is a group of caracteres generated automatically by firebase at the insertion.


    Felgo Team


    is there any error that you get, that could help to find out what is wrong? Is the user successfully authenticated in your app before you call getUserValue?



    Sigmunde Mayitoukou

    Hi Alex, thanks for your time to responding, i already solve the issue. It was rules problem in the databse.

    Thanks again, I appreciate.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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