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    I can see, in the Qt “Font chooser” example that comes with Qt Creator, a whole bunch of “available” fonts.

    Are these definitely safe to choose for my app?   IE if I choose any one of them, can I be sure that it will be the font that gets used on anyone’s phone?

    Or are these the fonts that are available on my desktop, and goodness knows what fonts might be on a phone?



    Felgo Team


    the available fonts that are shown there are just the installed fonts on your local machine. I recommend using the FontLoader component.

    It is also used e.g. in the ChickenOutbreak demo game (ChickenOutbreakMain.qml).

    We usually add the FontLoader to the GameWindow like this:

    property alias myFont: myFont
    FontLoader {
      id: myFont
      source: "fonts/somefont.ttf"

    Then you can use it anywhere in your game like this:

    Text {
      font.family: myFont.name





    Nice, that works, thanks.   It’s actually reassuring to be loading a font I’m supplying: then I know for sure it’s there 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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