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    Each time generate new license key for the new version of an application/game, only accept integer numbers not a decimal numbers, this is not a problem. But then we are changing plist version number for the new version number, we need to provide build number for the same new version number as well. This is major issue when we are changing minor issue of the application/game and re-submit for the iTunes connect.

    because, assume current app store version of the my application/game is V5 (its mean V5 build 5 according to the vplay license making rules), then I release new version(V6 build 6) with new features for the test flight and client report with I just did minor changes for the app and re-submit for the test flight. In this time according to your rules we need to generate a new license key. So, new application is V7 build 7.

    Assume I did this one in 5 times before release app store, then application/game new version is (V10 build 10)

    I think best solution for resolve this problem is, you guys can introduce decimal numbers for the license key version number.

    Best and Cheers,




    Hi Jamie,
    Yeah, I get similar feeling.
    I just started naming my ios app version not 1:1 with Felgo.
    For example, Felgo 21 version for me is 0.21 etc.


    Felgo Team


    The version code from the Felgo license is not related to the user-visible version number. If you plan to release a version 5 or 5.0, you can still upload mutliple versions to iTunes Connect with that user-visible version, you just have to increase the version code that’s also used with the license key. The user-visible version number is not connected to the internally used version code, you can have a user visible V1.5 that has version code 734 set e.g.

    The version code needs to be set as integer value as requirement from both Apple and Google.

    Does this clarify the issue?


    Alex from Felgo

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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