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    I’m making a scene where there is a grid at the bottom of the screen:

    id: board

    width: iwinwidth  //640
    height: iwinheight  //960

    id: gridback
    width: iwinwidth
    height: width
    color: “#666666”
    radius: 5




    So, gridback is just setting the y position to pop it down to the bottom on the screen (in portrait mode).  Now, if I’m in iphone 4 mode, and I place runtime created elements on top of this grid using (iwinheight-iwinwidth) as the offset – everything works great, but if I set iphone X mode, everything is WAY off.

    I thought the whole point of a gamewindow is that I just set screenWidth and screenHeight of the GameWindow, and then everything is virtualized to this coordinate system?  Are entities on a different coordinate system?

    Can I just query where gridback ended up, and then then use that offset to relatively position the entities?



    Felgo Team


    No, I read all that – I mean, I don’t see how something as simple as a scale and bias can turn into all this nonsense, but whatever.

    My point is why do *some* elements go through the scaling and some don’t?  That’s the silly thing – the runtime created entities should go through the same scaling as everything else, sigh.

    But whatever, I just turned off all scaling – I can do that myself in a much more rational way.  However, how do you get the bias (the offset) of the base screen, on the iphone X.  I just want to query the constant to find the 0,0 of the screen so I can create the runtime elements with this same offset…


    Felgo Team

    All elements within a scene, including runtime created entities, scale along with the scene. To control alignment of UI items in respect to the iPhone X safe zones, you can use e.g. the Scene::gameWindowAnchorItem or fullWindowAnchorItem.

    The pixel value of iPhone X screen insets is available with NativeUtils::safeAreaInsets.



    OK, so if I add (-board.gameWindowAnchorItem.x, -board.gameWindowAnchorItem.y ) to the position that I dynamically position things with, then everything aligns on Windows.

    But on iOS, the numbers are wildly off.

    On Windows, the values are (-131,0) with emulating an iphone X.

    On an actual iphone X, the values are (+295,0).




    But on iOS, the numbers are wildly off.

    OK, it looks like this is because in the onCompleted() callback, the gameWindowAnchorItem() data is not set.  It snaps in later.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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