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    Ginzo Milani

    <h3>Guideline 5.1.2 – Legal – Privacy – Data Use and Sharing</h3>
    We noticed that your app uses analytics software to collect and send device data to third parties. Specifically, your app uses third-party analytics such as Google Analytics and Firebase.

    <b>Next Steps</b>

    Please note that you may only collect device data to provide a service or function that is directly relevant to the use of your app. You may not use analytics software to collect and send device data to third parties.
    <h3>Guideline 5.1.4 – Legal – Privacy – Kids</h3>
    We noticed that your app collects, transmits, or has the ability to share personal information from a minor but is not in compliance with the applicable children’s privacy statutes.
    <b>Next Steps</b>

    To resolve this issue, please revise your app to remove this functionality or modify the functionality to comply with all children’s privacy statutes.

    When submitting my app, I am receiving the following from Apple. I only have Soomla, Admob, and Felgo’s Game Network plugins, to add to this I am running a free license so I can’t even use analytics even if I wanted to. I asked for clarification from Apple but I have my suspicions that one of the 3 plugins has binaries that includes analytics


    Felgo Team


    the Google AdMob SDK internally might use Analytics as well. Are you sure you want to use the “Kids” category in the Apple store? Because this comes with a couple of limitations and additions to consider. Also using ads in an “Kids” app can be permitted by Apple.

    Is there already a respones from Apple?



    Ginzo Milani

    Yeah I’ve been trying to make a kid friendly game, removing the ads resolved the issue. Analytics and Ads should really be separate entities as you are basically tracking users without permission and without the app owners knowledge as the API’s does not mention it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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