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OverviewFelgo Installation › Hit Green Play button, got :-1: error: [debug/qrc_resources_user.cpp] Error 1

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    Hi – brand new here sorry to be such a noob..

    Download v-play this morning, so using a recent build. Did the install, and when QT Creator came up it siad click Green Play, so I did and got

    :-1: error: [debug/qrc_resources_user.cpp] Error 1

    Sorry, I just have no clue – well I know .cpp means C++  but I have yet to write one line of C++

    It’s a Win10 Home machine. I un-installed v-play, ensured all Win updates were installed, rebooted, re-installed v-play and got the same result again

    Any help much appreciated 🙂


    Felgo Team


    Thanks for reporting that issue! There are two ways how you can resolve that:

    1. Re-install Felgo (yes again, sorry for that)
    2. Or the easier one: Move the two files “vplay_license.key” and “vplay_license.config” from “<homedir>/AppData/Local/Felgo/” to “<Felgo-Install-Dir>/Felgo/”

    After performing one of those two steps, your project should build and run again.

    Please let me know if that solves the issue.

    Many thanks,

    Alex from Felgo



    Hi Alex,

    I’ve followed 2nd of your above mentioned options. It worked great for Windows. But should i do, if I’m using Mac ?


    Felgo Team


    On macOS it’s actually the same, just copy the files from that path: “<homedir>/Library/Preferences/Felgo/“.


    Alex from Felgo



    I can’t find vplay_license.key in ubuntu


    Felgo Team

    Hi Hiker,

    since 2017 when this post was created the installation and login process changed quite a bit.  At the moment, it is required to log in to your Felgo Account with Qt Creator (after you complete the installation).

    The successful login then creates the two license files for your account at the <Felgo-Install-Dir>/Felgo/ directory. To make sure the login works, please take care to run Qt Creator with a user account that has sufficient rights to write these files to the <Felgo-Install-Dir>.

    Günther from Felgo

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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