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    studio scroll

    Hello, I want to generate random integer numbers using utils.generateRandomValueBetween(min,max), but I am getting floating points numbers only.

    The idea is to display the numbers on the entities when they are created.


    Felgo Team


    you can use Math.round() to get an integer from a float value.

    Cheers, Chris


    studio scroll

    Ok, thanks. I got integer numbers by using:

    property int randNums:utils.generateRandomValueBetween(1,100);



    //and then, passing the value from randNums to Text.

    Text {
    text: randNums

    However, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for,

    I needed unique numbers, but I got repeated numbers, so I guess I have to create a function to achieve that. Otherwise

    if there is a function in VPlay that I can use to generate unique random numbers, kindly let me know. Cheers!





    You can simply use embedded Javascript functions to generate random integers. Following code gives you a random number between 0 and 1000.

    var upperRange = 1000





    Felgo Team

    The function utils.generateRandomValueBetween(min, max) does generate a new random number every time you call it. If you assign it to a property, then it only gets evaluated once at instantiation. However, the following example works as expected – each time a new entity is generated it gets assigned with a new integer value:

    import VPlay 1.0
    import QtQuick 1.1
    GameWindow {  
      EntityManager {
        id: entityManager
        entityContainer: scene
      Scene {
        id: scene
        Component.onCompleted: {
          for(var i=0; i<10; i++) {
            entityManager.createEntityFromComponentWithProperties(entityComponent, {x: i*20})
      Component {
        id: entityComponent
        EntityBase {
          property int randNums: utils.generateRandomValueBetween(1,100)
          Text {
            text: randNums
            color: "blue"


    Does this solution work for you?

    Cheers, Chris

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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