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OverviewFelgo 2 Support (Qt 5) › How to create customize MultiPlayerView ?

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    How to create customize MultiPlayerView ?

    I got answers for creating customized SocialView but not sure how to create multiplayerview. Please provide help if anyone knows the answer.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Taher,


    thank you for reaching on to us. The SocialView was designed to be a lot more customizable. The MultiPlayerView exposes many parameters for styling but it’s not nearly as extensible.


    If you want to have a custom design you should write your own UI directly on top of FelgoMultiplayer.





    One card example i have gone through, what i am trying with custom UI and multiplayer network apis.


    I want to use createGame, joinGame and invitations with my custom UI in qml. But i am stuck in how to use these APIs.


    I am able to createGame but not understanding how to join game, how to display rooms, how to search user and send/accept invitations etc with custom UI made in qml.


    Thanks in advance for your help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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