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    sandeep kumar mishra

    I am making a music player app. All logics are perfect but when user press the back button app closes immediately and music stops.
    I want that if music is playing then app will run in background otherwise not.
    I can check whether the music is playing or not but unable to make app runnable in background.


    sandeep kumar mishra

    Anyone here…??



    I am not an expert in this topic but looks like really Qt specific.
    Probably it depends on the platform and can look differently for Android/iOS.
    Quick googling shows that, at least for Android, it is supported since Qt 5.7 so should be fine.
    More info:
    Native implementation:
    Qt bridge:

    For iOS would check how it is natively implemented and check if adequate “bridge” is implement in Qt.
    Also searching some Qt docs for iOS could show solution.

    Looks like for iOS one of the options is to use ObjectiveC from C++ etc, some topic on the forums:
    Some official iOS docs:


    sandeep kumar mishra

    Thanks for your help…..


    Felgo Team

    Hi all,

    as Marcin’s solutions suggest, adding features that run in the background is a task that highly depends on the target platform (iOS, Android).
    There’s no ready-to-use implementation for background-running components with Felgo. It is required to rely on Qt C++ or native code parts for Android (Java) or iOS (Obj-C).

    Günther from Felgo


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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