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    My app needs to be able to export some user-created files to Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc (or just allow users to be able to choose a save location, such as . I can’t find anything in the documentation about this (unless there is something in FileUtils that I’m completely missing). I understand I might need an API access token from the companies as I can find some tutorials on how to connect an app to Dropbox, although the tuts I’ve seen are only for Xcode.

    The user will also need to be able to import those files as well, including files that were created outside the app, such as .CSV files, which is why I would like the user to be able to access a folder in iCloud or Dropbox or the like.

    Hopefully this makes sense. Please let me know what I would need to do or where I should go for further help on this subject.

    Thank you,



    Felgo Team


    The usage of 3rd party services in your app usually requires to integrate native iOS or Android SDKs to communicate with service APIs.
    While you can directly integrate iOS Frameworks in Xcode, it is a little more complex for cross-platform tools like Felgo.

    As Qt/Felgo are C++ based, you can add a C++ Bridge/Wrapper, which may in turn run Obj-C code for iOS, or use JNI to integrate Java sources for Android.
    If you want to make the features available in QML for both platforms, different implementations are required per platform.

    You can have a look at Felgo Plugins for a list of available integrations in Felgo. We can also support you in developing own plugins or add other integrations as part of the Felgo Enterprise Support offering.

    Günther from Felgo

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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