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    I created a small demo app and tested for Samsung Note 4, Samsung Note 8 and Samsung S7 Edge. And my app looks same in all these 3 phones.

    Now I want to test my app in any iPhone 6, 7, 8 or X.

    I have mid 2012 MacBook Pro which has macOS high sierra. I install Xcode, android studio’ ndk and jdk 8.162.

    My kits look like this:

    Android for armeabi-v7a (GCC 4.9, Qt 5.10.1 Android armv7 Felgo) : Looks Okay
    Android for x86 (GCC 4.9, Qt 5.10.1 Android x86 Felgo)		  : Looks Okay
    Qt 5.10.1 iOS Felgo                                              : Has a yellow exclamation mark
    Qt 5.10.1 iOS Felgo Simulator 					  : Looks Okay
    Felgo Desktop (Qt 5.10.1 clang) (default)			  : Looks Okay


    Whats is the step to produce a .app for iPhone so I can test. Also what should I do to install in iPhone without uploading my app to App Store?






    Hi Niyazi,
    There are some docs already for development:
    and publishing(this is a little out of date but there are plenty tutorials on the web how to publish app from XCode which you can follow):

    Would start there.
    In general now you don’t even need the paid developer account to test your app on iPhone.
    If you follow the docs you should be fine.
    Apple quirks: on iOS some XCode verification, at least once, is alway required.
    At some point, somewhere in the beginning after you  build app in QtCreator, open the project generated in XCode and allow XCode to do some profiles/certifies magic for you(more in docs).
    After that you should be able to continue using QtCreator for development no problems.


    Start with the “dev” free certificate now allowed by Apple (For example).
    It works, but once your free certificate expires you can have issues to continue.
    At that step I just signed in to the paid developer program, it saves you tons of time at some point.
    But start with free option.


    Last thing.
    Expect issues, not because you use Qt, but because you use XCode 🙂
    Apple loves to break things between updates or just, because, why not.
    Comparing to Google some bits can be a pain but once you get it covered, there are things which are much better than in Google, imho.
    For example deploying app to AppStore right from XCode etc.



    One last thing.
    XCode makes it extremely easy to test applications in simulator, even for things like iPhone X.
    It is quite a good option to start without even connecting any device.



    I will try to follow link to test my demo app in iphone. But seems it will take a while to overcome these new jump.

    I wish it will make easy and better way with Felgo so I can test easily with iphone like I did it with android.

    But I am wondering why my VPlay kit on Qt 5.10.1 iOS Felgo : Has a yellow exclamation mark?


    Thanks again. Let me to try first.



    It will be quite easy once you do the initial steps.
    After that, for me is just start QtCreator and work as usual.
    Once XCode generates it’s own bit to make the app working.
    There is more in docs, as far as I remember I had to once run some Xcode command to sign in my app or something, don’t remember now.


    The exclamation mark is maybe this missing step which needs still to be done or other problem.
    Hopefully docs will help you with that.


    I am not going to lie, beginning will be harder.
    It would be harder even if you used pure XCode app, it’s just how Apple handles things(my way or no way) where Android leaves some freedom to developers.
    But once you pass initial steps will be even easier in some areas than with Android.



    Hi Marcin

    I never use xcode before. I use qt and now using vplay for mobile app development.

    How to XCode generates it’s own bit? What should I do? Does it mean I should follow the step first?



    My suggestions is to start from the docs and try to follow them.
    I just don’t remember all the bits, it was long ago.
    If the docs are not valid or old, it’s worth to point this out so guys from Felgo can make amends, if needed.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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