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    I just created a test build for my application.

    The build was successfully and I installed the apk file on my device,

    but as soon as I start the app, I get this error:


    12-04 19:01:05.378: W/WindowManager(2129): Failed looking up window
    12-04 19:01:05.378: W/WindowManager(2129): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Requested window android.os.BinderProxy@430e7cd0 does not exist
    12-04 19:01:05.378: W/WindowManager(2129):     at
    12-04 19:01:05.378: W/WindowManager(2129):     at
    12-04 19:01:05.378: W/WindowManager(2129):     at$DeathRecipient.binderDied(
    12-04 19:01:05.378: W/WindowManager(2129):     at android.os.BinderProxy.sendDeathNotice(
    12-04 19:01:05.378: W/WindowManager(2129):     at Method)

    Do you know what the problem might be?


    Felgo Team


    is there any other log output from QML before Android throws the exception? In case you’re using plugins like Flurry or Game Center: A common mistake is that used plugins are not listed in the game’s config.json (have a look at our Squaby demo for example) which leads apps to crash as some expected libraries are not linked, could you please check that too?





    ah, yes we included flurry and game center, but did not update the config.json.

    i’ll fix this and try it again.


    thanks so far!



    i’ve removed every game center and flurry component

    and we don’t have included any other libraries either, but the error still appears.


    i just checked the qml output and we get a lot of

    cocos2d : getActionByTag: Target not found

    messages (maybe this is the problem), but the game works fine on my pc (win 7 64-bit)


    Felgo Team

    So the game is still crashing? Have you tested the game on different Android phones or on just one? Which one(s)?





    ok, we tried it on a galaxy s2 (android 4.1.2) and on a nexus 4 (android 4.4)

    on the nexus 4 it works (but some sounds are missing), on the s2 it does not.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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