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    nks (baumemo)

    Hi Felgo Team,

    a customer reported me and I can confirm that the ImagePicker component is broken.

    Using the latest Felgo 3 release with an up to date android smartphone (pixel 5 – Android 13 with august update) doesn’t show any Images. The error log is also empty. Is this critical error known?

    I can reproduce the problem with the example from the felgo docs and the felgo live client on android:

     import Felgo 3.0
     import QtQuick 2.0
     App {
       NavigationStack {
         Page {
           id: page
           title: qsTr("Choose Photos")
           // right bar item to accept selection
           rightBarItem: TextButtonBarItem {
             text: "Next"
             enabled: imagePicker.selectedCount > 0
             // your app will probably pop the photo selection page from the stack to move on
             // this example only logs the selected photos
             onClicked: console.debug("SELECTED:", JSON.stringify(imagePicker.selection))
           // image picker view for photo selection
           ImagePicker {
             id: imagePicker
             anchors.fill: parent

    Will be there an hotfix soon, because this breaks our app. This is very important for me.



    Felgo Team


    thanks for the report, we’ll look into it as fast as possible. Since you are still using Felgo 3, did you consider migrating to Felgo 4 instead? Did you check if this issue also appears with a Felgo 4 based app?



    nks (baumemo)

    Seem to be a general problem. The same problem appears on Felgo 4 too.



    nks (baumemo)

    Hi Alex,

    special thanks for your support. Everything works now with the latest Felgo3 release!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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