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    Felgo User

    Hello ! 🙂

    First of all, please apologize for my bad English since it’s not my native language. I am trying to import a .json file and a .png, follow the tutorial here : https://felgo.com/doc/howto-texture-packer/ , BUT I’m NOT using Texture packer, since the software I’m using seems to have it’s own texture packer.

    After putting my files in the good directories, I have these errors (I even tried with a fresh and very short project, I got the sames !) :

    Warning: TexturePackerSprite has no information for the frame " "gob.png\" in the current source file \"" "file:///C:/Users/mulot/Documents/build-WoW2-V_Play_Desktop_Qt_5_10_1_MinGW-Debug/assets/gob.json\"."

    Am I missing something ?
    For more informations, here are the export options I have in Spriter (I tried a lot of combination, none of them seems to work !) :
    Another weird thing : in the example, it goes like this :

    {"frames": {

    but in my own .json, I have this :

    	"frames": [

    I tried to manualy change the character, but it doesn’t seem to work either…
    In Spriter I also noticed that I can export to a Texturepacker file, I could do this then follow the tutorial, but I guess that it would be doing the same thing twice, while wasting a lot of time. Maybe I’m wrong, any advice on that would be great too !

    Many thanks in advance !!! 🙂



    Felgo Team


    the Felgo TexturePacker components require to understand the JSON format of the exported TexturePacker file. TexturePacker changed their JSON format with one of the latest versions – we did not yet update the Felgo components to match this new format.

    I am also not sure which TexturePacker JSON format is produced by Spriter. So to sum up, your issue probably comes from such differences in the JSON configuration for your sprites.

    For usage with Felgo, please make sure the format matches the example format in the documentation. We’ll update our TexturePacker components with one of the next updates to be compatible with the latest TexturePacker format.



    Felgo User

    Hello Günther, and many thanks for your answer !

    I guess you are right, since at first the only difference was the { / [ thing, but digging deeper i noticed a very few variations : in the model, it goes like

    "rotated": false,

    but in my .json it’s like

    "rotated": "false",

    Maybe these quotes are generating a bug (string/bool variable cast or bad recognition), to be honest I’m not sure. I will try later this week and keep you in touch, since I don’t have much time tonight to test this.
    Maybe it is totally something else and I’ll just wait for your update ! 🙂

    Best regards,




    Just small addition, in JSON “false” vs false, makes a huge difference.
    If there is a xsd schema validation then this will fail since variable type doesn’t match.


    Felgo Team


    can you send over a minimum version of your TexturePacker sprite example, which shows the issue, to support@felgo.com?

    We’re collecting more info at the moment (from different use-cases and Felgo users) to not miss any issues/changes in the new format for the upcoming fix/update.



    Felgo User

    Hello, and please apologize for the huge delay.

    I guess that I followed the example wrong, and named in the code the file I wanted to import as the filename instead of the layer. Maybe I’ve done this wrong too, anyway, I will probably use Spine instead because it seems to work a bit better with Felgo (it looks easy to import, use skins, and it’s easier to import .json from krita using Spine).
    Thanks for the great support !



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