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          id: parse
          applicationId: "NaO6igDJGHJZJtJTtcyaPGCxm4NBlBrG5B1iH9jk"
          clientKey: "BxHBRYJtpDiudYxcWyBIAclgWVoTGlWVNbiYVsAQ"
          channels: [ "" ]
          backgroundFetchUrl: ""
          backgroundFetchEnabled: true
          backgroundFetchStackSize: 3
              console.debug("Received notification payload is", JSON.stringify(data))
          onBackgroundFetchAvailable: {
            console.debug("New background data available:", content.length, "items:")
            for(var i = 0; i < content.length; i++) {
              console.debug(i + ":", content[i])

    Felgo Team

    Hi Waeil!

    Parse did shut down the service last year and so we generally recommend migrating over to One Signal or Google Cloud Messaging.

    Is there a specific reason to use Parse in your application?

    Günther from Felgo



    hello sir,

    Even Google Cloud Messaging i faild to config it, please do you have a project open source that i can use it as reference, all i have to do change some appID . i need a code very well.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Waeil!

    You can have a look at the PluginDemo, which includes sample integrations for all Felgo Plugins. The source code is available on GitHub here!

    For more detailed information about plugin integration and usage, please have a look at the plugin documentation.

    Let me know if this helps!




    i fail to config any plugin. nothing work to me, i need a skype assistent who guid to use local notification and Google cloud notification


    Felgo Team

    Hi Wael,
    ​sorry to hear that the plugins aren’t working for you!
    ​Can you send over your project source code to so I can have a look at the plugin integration?

    I will  follow up with some short solution steps then. ​In case the project and integration looks correct, I’ll contact you regarding a Skype session to find/solve the issues.

    ​Günther from Felgo

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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