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    I am trying to install Felgo on my Linux Mint 32 bit machine and am stuck at 50 percent. (Sample Launcher)


    All previous steps completed ok. (all with a green tick)


    Tried following the instructions to execute the Sample Launcher. Navigated to where the Sample Launcher folder is supposed to be, and, no folder.


    I do not know what information you may need. Let me know and I will do my best to provide.




    Felgo Team


    the Sample Launcher is not available for Linux currently, we hope to be able to release it in the next weeks! As a workaround, you can start the projects individually by opening their .pro files or run the SampleLauncher in a VM on a Windows or Mac PC.

    Cheers, Chris



    Thank you for replying, Christian. Much appreciated.


    I am getting used to finding out about products of interest and being told that there is no Linux version for this or that program. I moved to Linux because I wanted to get away from Windows. Thank you for you assistance and I hope that more programs, like Felgo, will be made available to Linux users.


    All the best.




    Felgo Team

    Hi John,

    yes we do hope so too, that’s why you can publish Felgo games to Linux as well. 🙂

    We’ll announce when the SampleLauncher is ready for Linux on our Blog and social media – keep an eye on it the next weeks. 😉

    Cheers, Chris

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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