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    test opty

    Hello all,


    I’m a C++, Qt and QML programmer and recently was surprised by the great features Felgo contains like, excellent built-in components for game/app developments, easy and fast coding and its free price.

    So on my Windows 10 x64, installed Felgo using the following executable file:

    Its installation folder size is 1.97 GB.

    Now I have a couple of questions and would be grateful if you could help me. 🙂


    1- Did I need to install Felgo as a standalone app and couldn’t I add it to my Qt Creator 4.9.1 (Qt 5.12.3 LTS) IDE? Because both apparently use the same IDE: Qt 5.12.3 -> Qt Creator 4.9.1

    Felgo -> Qt Creator 4.8.1

    2- Although I have some experience in the matters I mentioned, I’m completely new to Felgo. What’s the best way to start learning it, please?

    3- Does Felgo support 3D? I’ve recently created an app using QML but since it’s 2D it looks basic. If I can using Felgo make it look modern, it will be amazing.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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