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    From the examples, it looks like Felgo can call C++ code from QML using MinGW or MSVC 2010/2012 compilers on Windows. It’s confusing that the front page states “Develop your game in a declarative with JavaScript & QML …” and this seems to be reinforced in other locations. If C++ can be used, more prominence should be given to it, even though it may be significantly less productive to use.


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    you can already integrate native code in desktop, Symbian and MeeGo applications, we however do not promote this feature broadly as almost all of our gaming components are based on QML. We are also working on C++ support for all other platforms (including iOS & Android), which will probably come with native plugins next year.

    Compilers are needed for compiling some glue code and linking the final executable on desktops (Felgo components are shipped within a library). Could you please shortly outline which examples indicate the usage of C++ code like you mentioned above?

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    It appears that I was mistaken. I quickly viewed Simple Ninja Game Demo and didn’t realize that the C++ code was from the cocos2d-x version. I did seeĀ  examples with main.cpp but these files are small and very similar.Thanks.





    Does Felgo have any QML classes, etc. that will enable me to connect a mobile (e.g., Android or iOS) app to a remote system using WebSockets or, preferably, Felgo is of limited use to me personally unless it has this capability since I am interested in developing multiplayer games.




    Felgo Team
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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