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    i get this error compiling for IOS with plugins: analytics and facebook.

    :-1: error: library not found for -lVPlayBasePlugin_iphonesimulator_debug

    how can i fix this?



    a simple project does not work either, the

    import VPlayPlugins.facebook 1.0

    editor says “qml module not found”, i reinstalled all needed plugins.




    this is weid, the facebook plugin gets removed when installing both plugins Facebook and Analytics.

    please help!


    Felgo Team

    Due to some unknown reason, the installer sometimes gets confused with the plugins.
    If the plugin components are missing and some weird installing/deinstalling is happening when you check or uncheck them with the installer, please try the following:
    Deinstall all the plugins.
    – Open the components.xml file in your installation directory.
    – Remove all package-entries that are related to plugins, e.g.: <Package><Name>vplay.plugins.xyz…</Name> …. </Package>
    – Save the file. Then open the installer again and reinstall the plugins.

    Hopefully everything works again after this?




    hi Günther,

    thanx, i uninstalled everything and installed it again, works now,

    thanx for the solution.



    hi Günther,

    I get this error:

    Type GoogleAnalytics unavailable

    GoogleAnalytics.qml:4 Object is not a type

    what i can see is that there are 2 directories in the VplayPlugins of the 5.5/IOS/qml/VPlayPlugins/facebook

    and 5.5/IOS/qml/VPlayPlugins/googleanalytics




    sorry, i had a custom component with the same name GoogleAnalytics as a component in

    a directory! shame on me!


    Felgo Team

    No problem Bas! 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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