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    Hi Felgo,
    I come across issue with releasing app on ios with music files.
    The note from documentation for BackgroundMusic:

    Note: The Qt 5 Audio element currently (as of Qt release 5.3.0) can not play sound files from qrc on iOS, 
    Mac and some Android devices. However, bundling your assets into a qrc file is the suggested deployment option, 
    because you can then compile your assets into the binary and they are protected. Due to this Qt issue, 
    we recommend using SoundEffectVPlay for your background sounds, or deploy your audio assets with the DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS option in your pro file instead of bundling them with qrc. 
    If you need help with this topic, please use our support forums. 

    Like in documentation, with normal resource(qrc) approach I can’t play any sound files.
    I not only have problem with BackgroundMusic, but also with SoundEffectVPlay.
    What options do I really have.
    Can it be my mistake, and not the issue mentioned in documentation?
    Can I combine binary resource option with deployment files?
    For example, add everything to qrc, and music files at the end of pro file in DISTFILES sections?
    How do you release your apps on ios, if it includes sound files?
    Both sound effects and music.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Marcin,

    you can mix resources and deploymentfolders. The classic approach, also as described in our deployment guide and in the pro file, would be using resources for your code files, and deploymentfolders for your assets with the DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS variable. This is also how we do it with out own apps.

    The DISTFILES variable is some unix specific addition with the latest Qt Creator versions, you can ignore it.




    Hi Alex,
    Thank you, will check that solution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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