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    Hello All,


    I hope that someone can explain me why this issue occurs let me sketch the whole situation

    1. user downloads the iOS app
    2. user subscribes to one of the models
    3. payment and license is going fine
    4. app works as expected with a license
    5. user deletes the app
    6. user re-install the app
    7. License isn’t being detected by Soomla
    8. When trying to purchase again the same item iOS tell the end-user that he is already subscribed
    9. Still nothing that is being the paid model works

    I code we do a “onPluginLoaded” and check if they have a valid license (myAppSubscriptionYearly.purchased) and then set everything correct.

    Does someone has the same issue with the workflow described above? And if so does anyone knows a good solution to tackle this?


    Much appreciated.







    Ok after some digging around I tried the to add “Store::restoreAllTransactions” in the onPluginLoaded part. That seems to work when deleting the app and then re-installing via xcode however we are in a sandbox so still I don’t know if this works regular use.

    Now I run in the problem where I can’t buy/click our subscription buttons all what I’m receiving from console is the following part:

    <b>2020-06-12 13:42:01.511504+0200 testapp[1432:564534] [Debug] SOOMLA VirtualGoodStorage: trying to fetch balance for virtual item with itemId: example</b>

    <b>2020-06-12 13:42:01.513953+0200 testapp[1432:564534] [Debug] SOOMLA PurchaseWithMarket: Starting in-app purchase for productId: example </b>

    <b>2020-06-12 13:42:01.521961+0200 testapp[1432:564534] [Debug] SOOMLA SoomlaStore: Not restoring subscription transaction</b>


    I do think that it has to do because a lifetime good can only be bought once.

    From documentation “Furthermore your users can’t buy more than one instance of the very same lifetime good item.”

    But the strange part is a subscription is also a lifetimegood and is renewed auto but if you are in a sandbox/testing it isn’t renewed auto so once the period is over you can’t buy it again to test it. How can you avoid this or how are all soomla transactions deleted from your phone so you can start over.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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