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    hi, i am trying to get multicast working with IOS14.

    I have 2 applications: 1 app which emits UDP multicast on Windows.

    app nr.2 is receiving the UDP messages and then connects to app nr.1 with TCP.

    I have an app which uses this underlying technique, but it does not work in IOS 14 anymore due to Apple’s new privacy regulations.

    Apple granted us with the additional capability -> Multicast Networking, and the profiles (development,distribution) are created with this extra capability activated.

    I tried to get everything working, but until now with little luck so far.

    Apple said that using bonjour is the way to go, but then I need to implement it in QT app.

    i do not know if there is a bonjour library? or std in Felgo?

    and is there a possibility to get support from you guys?





    Felgo Team

    Hi Bas,

    we are using a very similar technique, and we did not require to apply any changes for iOS 14. In our use-case, the iOS app sends the UDP broadcast to discover other applications running on desktop platforms. We also establish a TCP connection afterwards. The only difference that we experienced when running on iOS 14 is, the first time we send such a unicast on the iOS device, a permission dialog pops up to allow network access.

    We also offer technical support, please reach out to us on and we can discuss the details of how we can help you.




    Hi Alex,

    ok, the difference here is that the app is just listening on UDP because the server app is sending.

    I have to do some further testing and then I might get back to this.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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