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    since last Felgo SDK 2.9.2, I have some trouble with currentPage method in NavigationStack.

    It’s working fine on OS X but not on iOS anymore.

    On iOS, if you do a navigationStack.pop() and look at navigationStack.currentPage just after, you will get the previous page, not the new current one.

    On OS X it’s working as expected.

    Is it a normal behavior ?


    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Best Regards.




    Felgo Team

    Hi Francois!

    The behavior should be the same on all platforms. But we do have some iOS-specific logic in place due to some device and platform limitations that might be responsible for the issue. Is the problem critical for one of your projects?

    We actually removed and unified many of these ios-specific code-parts after Felgo 2.9.2, as there were some improvements by Qt (these changes will be live with 2.9.3). I will do some testing, but I believe that the issue you are describing should no longer happen with the next Felgo version.

    Günther from Felgo



    Hi Günther,

    thanks for your answer.

    Do you know when do you plan to release 2.9.3 ?


    Best Regards.



    Felgo Team

    We would like to release another update before Christmas if possible (so next week hopefully). If we don’t make it in time, it will come in January then.



    Hello Günther,

    Thanks for the info….

    Waiting for Christmas present 🙂


    Best Regards.



    Felgo User

    Just want to check whether Xmax present shipped or not.

    I am having similar issue now. Windows platform works as expected, but ios NavigationStack is not working.

    I don’t think that I will want to re-factor my call base. about 900 pages.






    Felgo User

    A workaround is to use Qt.createComponent and createObject

    then wire signals as needed.



    Felgo Team


    Can you wait a little longer without refactoring?

    We didn’t get everything ready yet for the update, so it will come in January then.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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