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    I wanted to show and use the joystick when i press the screen the first time , so when i press on the screen it will show up

    but the  the joystick don’t work , i have to release my press and press the joystick again  for the joystick to work.


    what i want is “when i press on my screen the joystick will appear (which is working), at the same time i want to play with the joystick on the first press. (not on the second press)”

    The problem is the joystick don’t know if it was pressed the first time , how can i be able to solve this problem ?

    JoystickControllerHUD don’t have enough Signal to control it.


    Felgo Team


    can you post a full code sample that shows the issue?

    Cheers, Chris


    Hi Chris ,
    thank for the reply here is the code.
    import QtQuick 2.0
    import Felgo 3.0
    Scene {
        id: mainScreen
        Item {
            id: leftThumb
            height: 310
            width: 340
            MouseArea {
                anchors.fill: parent
                onPressed: {
                    joystickleft.opacity =1
                    joystickleft.x1 = mouse.x -joystickleft.joystickRadius
                    joystickleft.y1 = mouse.y-joystickleft.joystickRadius
            JoystickControllerHUD {
                id: joystickleft
                property double x1 : 0
                property double y1 : 0
                x: x1
                y: y1
                joystickRadius: parent.width/4
                thumbRadius : joystickRadius/3
                source: "../../assets/img/joystickScreen/LeftCircle.png"
                thumbSource: "../../assets/img/Ellipse.png"
                onControllerXPositionChanged: console.debug(controllerXPosition)
                onControllerYPositionChanged:  console.debug(controllerYPosition)
                opacity: 0

    Felgo Team

    Hi Prashant!

    The main problem is, that the MouseArea steals the mouse events from the joystick. But even if you solved that, theres yet another problem: The joystick only reacts to mouse events that are started by a press within the joystick area. So what you essentially need is to have the additional MouseArea handle all the events (event the ones that the joystick itself wouldn’t listen to).

    I created a code sample that does exactly that. It uses a normally hidden internal function that allows to manually set the joystick position:

    Scene {
        id: mainScreen
        // mouse area handles all mouse events
        MouseArea {
          anchors.fill: parent
          // on press -> set initial position and show joystick
          onPressed: {
            joystickleft.opacity = 1
          // on mouse position change -> update joystick position
          onPositionChanged: updateJoystickPosition()
          // hide joystick again on release
          onReleased: joystickleft.opacity = 0
          // helper function - sets joystick position based on current mouse position
          function updateJoystickPosition() {
            // convert mouse area coordinates to joystick coordinates
            var joystickX = mouseX - joystickleft.x
            var joystickY = mouseY - joystickleft.y
            // manually set joystick position
            joystickleft.setJoystickPosition(joystickX, joystickY)
          // joystick controller hud, only used for visuals (events are handled by parent mouse area)
          JoystickControllerHUD {
            id: joystickleft
            anchors.centerIn: parent
            joystickRadius: parent.width/4
            thumbRadius : joystickRadius/3
            opacity: 0 // initially hidden
            enabled: false // always use parent mouse area to handle events
            // fade in/out animation when opacity changes
            Behavior on opacity {
              PropertyAnimation { duration: 150 }
            onControllerXPositionChanged: console.debug("xPos: "+controllerXPosition)
            onControllerYPositionChanged:  console.debug("yPos: "+controllerYPosition)

    Best, Günther



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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by  GT.


    Thanks Günther , it is now working !

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