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    I have a JsonListModel, that I use to fill a MapItemView with a list of addresses I got from a RestApi, and also I have two extra components, the first show additional info of the MapQuitItem that represent the task when the user click it, also, if there is data on the list, the closest address to the user is selected as  default. The other component is just a Text that saids ‘No addresses found’. My problem is the next,


    When I refresh the listModel, that is  every minute,  I clear the previous data on the model and from a second there the ‘no task’ component show up, this obviously is giving my a glitch that every minute that component is ‘flashing’, is there a way to avoid that?

    id: infoCard
    visible: dataModel.availableAddress.count > 0


     id: noAddressFound
    visible: dataModel.availableAddress.count == 0







    There may well be a better way,


    But when the count changes, you could maybe use a timer to delay the no task component, that way If the connection is interrupted (when the timer is complete after, say 10 seconds) it would correctly show the no task component, but if during the timer’s running the count once again goes above 0, the timer is stopped and may not cause a ‘flashing’ as it just updates with the new values?



    IMHO you should replace jsonlistmodel`s content, not “erase and fill”

    Each time you change model`s source data, signal is being emmited. So you should store your new data in some js variable, and load it into model.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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