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    how would I go about creating an button within my application which launches another application on my phone?

    Whilst my app is running I would also like there to be a floating button overlaying on the screen so I can tap it to easily re-open my application without having to navigate home screen?

    Permissions would naturally need to be granted?


    What are my options for this?









    Felgo Team

    Hi Edward!

    The Felgo NativeUtils offer access to the most important native device features like dialogs, sharing, camera/gallery picker and nativeUtils.openApp, which you can use to open another app. On iOS, applications must explicitly allow to be opened using a certain URL scheme, which you can pass to openApp. Android requires you to pass the bundle id of the app.

    For more complex native features like a floating action button or other Widgets that integrate with your device while your app is installed/running, you can fully extend your Felgo App with native code to e.g. add Android Features with Java or iOS Features with Obj-C.

    This is possible by adding C++ components to your QML-based Felgo app. Your C++ code can then e.g. call native Java functions via JNI.

    Hope this helps!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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