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    I think default sorting for author generated level is inverted.
    All other locations(community/friends etc) are sorted from newest to oldest.
    Local user generated levels are sorted from oldest to newest, at least for me.
    I know other locations have options for filters to modify sorting.
    Unfortunately, author generated levels do not have these options.
    I checked some Felgo demos and levels sorting is also inverted in this area.

    Could you check authorGeneratedLevels default sorting if it’s wrong for you as well?

    Linux Mint with newest Felgo.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Marcin,

    I can confirm that the default sorting seems to be inverted compared to community/friends levels. We will make this consistent and discuss if adding sorting options for authorGeneratedLevels is needed at this point.

    Thanks for reporting this.




    Hi Alex,
    Thank you for confirmation.
    Just the fix for sorting, for me, is enough for now.
    I understand why you didn’t include extra filters for author generated levels and it is not a big deal for me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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