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    I’m using Gentoo linux.

    I’ve desided to try V-play today. But after installing it and load example I’m receiging ‘:-1: error: cannot find -lpng12’. This issue occurs cause I have installed libpng 1.6. But even when I tried to install 1.2 in parallel (and then removed 1.6) it doesn’t help. For unknown reasons gentoo doesn’t provide info about -lpng12 flag to pkg-config. Only -lpng16.

    Can you put this lib to the SDK directly? This shoud make you product a bit more distributive-independent.





    Felgo Team

    Hi anatoliy!

    There is a step-by-step instruction guide how to install Felgo and it’s prerequisits available here in the documentation.

    Have you followed theses steps? That should actually help you resolve the error.

    If you still encounter this error, you can also check out another solution posted in these forums earlier, see this post.

    I hope this helps, otherwise please let us know.


    Cheers, Chrisu



    This guide is for Ubuntu. I can’t follow it “step-by-step”, cause I’m using Gentoo, not Ubuntu. That is why I have another libpng version in my system.


    Felgo Team

    OK I see, unfortunately we don’t have an instant solution for this problem.

    But with the next version of Felgo, which will come out in a few weeks (2.0 with full Qt5 support) all those libraries will come with the SDK.

    See also the forum about Felgo 2.0 about updates for the new version.

    If you find a solution how to “downgrade” to libpng 1.2, please let us know!


    Cheers, Chrisu

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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