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    I’m using mapbox plugin inside RouteModel

    plugin: Plugin {
                name: "mapbox"
                PluginParameter {
                    name: "mapbox.access_token"
                    value: "my_value"

    With previous Qt version 5.10.1 I have recompiled mapbox plugin to add to the query “language=pl” option so I could have driving directions in my language. After I have upgraded to Qt 5.11.1, with new Felgo upgrade, language code from original Felgo plugin doesn’t work. I have taken original Qt 5.11.1 sources compiled plugin, moved to Felgo directory and I have driving directions in my lang.

    These are files from Felgo directory Felgo/gcc_64/plugins/geoservices

    515736 sie 14 11:37
    515736 sie 14 11:30 libqtgeoservices_mapbox.so_new
    517240 sie 14 11:22 libqtgeoservices_mapbox.so_orig

    Felgo plugin is slightly bigger than the original


    Best Regards



    Felgo Team

    Hi Marek,


    Felgo ships the default Qt Build Kits and modules of the Qt version that Felgo currently comes with. If you use a custom built Qt module, it is required to also rebuild it for the new Qt version. This is not a requirement by Felgo but a matter of whether Qt modules built for a lower version are compatible with new Qt versions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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